I thought i understood comics….guess not

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ahh…comics.  Though i have only occasionally read an actual comic or comic book (mostly because I’m not that much of a reader anyways) the few that I have read were pretty cool . Whether you are an adolescent or an adult who is an avid collector, comics are always entertaining whether they are about superheroes and supervillians, like Marvel, or just an everyday character going through everyday life, like Charlie Brown.  But when I started reading an excerpt from Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics”, then I started to look at comics in a new light.

When you first hear the word comic, it is usually a funny assortment of cartoon drawings that tells a story about a particular character.  But have you ever thought about why our human minds accept the many different forms of cartoons and how they are able to visualize and make out different objects and parts of the body that occur naturally in everyday life even without the proper details.  Just like when everyone sees a smiley, they know that it is resembling a face even though it is one-dimensional and is really just a circle with lines in it.  He discusses the difference in iconic and non-iconic and how comics use icons to represent realistic things.  If you want to learn more about the underlying mystery of comics, just make sure to take a look at “Understanding Comics”.

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