xbox kinect and nintendo wii

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Nowadays, gaming is gradually picking up speed in terms of new ways to play video games.  In this media interface analysis, I will be comparing the Nintendo Wii with the Microsoft/Xbox Kinect.  I am an experienced gamer in the Wii, but I have only played the Kinect once, but I have realized that the Kinect requires you to use your MUSCLES more because my arms were tired after only one game of bowling. Even though this was the case, the Kinect also has advantages in the amount of games you can play like soccer, which you can’t play on the Wii. They both use motion sensors, but the Wii needs a controller when the Kinect does not. The innovation of these two gaming devices has really shown the increase in the amount of technological advances in today’s world.

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